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How to Install this module
1) Upload the entire folders to your WHMCS root directory - if you experience problems, try uploading in binary mode. However, do not upload the “upload” folder, just the files inside of it!
2) Change your_template to the directory name of your WHMCS template (found under whmcs_path/templates/), e.g orbit, webhoster, Clouder, Six etc.
3) Login to admin area go to SETUP > ADDON MODULES
4) - In the Addons page you will see the Agree Terms click activate then click configure to see the options
[Image: terms.png]
5) Check Full Administrator box in the Access Control then click save changes
6) To set the terms to go to Addons > Agree Terms
7) Then Utilities > System > System Cleanup and click Empty Template Cache
Technical Analyst I
WHMCS Services

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