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You're Invited to Check Out WS Server Monitoring
Server Monitoring for WHMCS can actively monitor your servers & websites, and alert you by email, SMS and mobile push when they go down. You also get an uptime report you can show on your website.

Ever thought of running your own highly profitable website monitoring and server uptime service just like, UptimeRobot,, and for an incredible low startup cost?

Well, here's your chance! WHMCS Service's popular software, WS Server Monitoring, is a unique system that allows you to run your own website monitoring service and explore a fairly untouched but lucrative space, which has a potential for many opportunities. More information

Screenshot: Click Here

Sale Price:
Owned License: $59.99 USD Click Here

The next Seven (7) people who purchase this module will get $9.99 Off off the Sales Price. To get this $9.99 discount, you must use this discount code, mon, when you order. If you do not use this discount code when you order you will NOT get the $9.99 off. Please remember to use the discount when you order.
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