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Version: 2.1 Released (24/10/2015)

Updated Module to support WHMCS v6

Version: 3.0 Released ( 29/10/2016 )

Updated Rewrite code from scratch
Updated WHMCS V7 support
Updated Improve Licence Check
Added Automatically delete accounts after x days
Added Clients can close their own account
Added Exclude specific accounts from automation

Version: 3.1 Released ( 21/01/2017 )

Fixed Pagination is not working in admin area
Fixed Client Manual Close Account Modal is not showing some templates
Fixed Cron is sending emails with an empty list when no accounts are closed
Fixed Cron email is not formatted correctly (Shows <br> instead of EOL)
Updated New licensing system integrated to speed up performance

Version: 3.2 Released ( 29/01/2017 )

Updated Improve the license call

Version: 3.3.0 Released (16/11/2017)

Added Accounts will not be closed if there is a billable item 
Added whmcsservices help center
Fixed The "Disable Close Account" Checkbox was not being removed when deactivating the module causing a duplicate when reactivating

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